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Q: What is E-ZNail-on?
E-ZNail-on is the quick, easy new way to keep your sliding closet doors on track. With traditional door guides, you either need to hire a contractor to install them, or spend hours cutting and recutting shims (small wedges of wood used to level those door guides). Not to mention how delicate they are. very Fast instant payday loans online Well, with E-ZNail-on, installation couldn't be easier (with wood floors, the only tool you'll need is a hammer). If you've ever installed door guides any other way, we're sure you'll agree that E-ZNail-on is the best way!

Just Minutes to Install! 

  Do-It-Yourself & Save!  

  Adjusts to Any Door Size! 

Three Colors in Each Kit! 

The Easiest Possible Way!  

All Parts Guaranteed for Life! 
Q: How "New" is E-ZNail-on?
Actually, Schneider Enterprises has been making E-ZNail-on for over ten years now. Fairly new.

Q: Boy, what a great idea, why isn't anyone else making these?
We own the patent, and are extremely possesive of it.

Q: What if I get it, and I don't like it?
Look down.

 30 Day Uncondititional Money-Back Guarantee!
Call Toll-Free: (8 7 7) 4 7 4 - 0 2 0 3
Wholesalers and International Orders welcome!

Q: What comes in the E-ZNail-on Kit?
A: Everything neccesary to guide (1) pair of sliding closet doors.

(3) Impact-Resistant Plastic Guide Caps
Three different decorator colors come with each E-ZNail-on kit, to give your decorating schemes the most flexibility. Only one shows at a time, so pick your favorite!

(3) Steel Mounting Studs
(3) High-Strength Plastic Anchors
E-ZNail-on features high-quality, custom manufactured components guaranteed to last. Forever. That's right, all component's of E-ZNail-on are guaranteed - for life!

  We're certain that you will absolutely love E-ZNail-on. It's quicker and easier to install than any other type of sliding door guide. It doesn't matter if you're a professional contractor, household handyman, or someone who's never installed a sliding closet door guide, anyone can use E-ZNail-on. I guarantee you will save time and money.  
Bob Schneider
Schneider Enterprises

Try E-ZNail-on now risk free for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied, just send it back within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your bill.
Call Toll Free: (877) 474-0203 or E-Mail us!
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